How does it work?

Getting your dream trip off the tarmac is as easy as filling out our short questionnaire about your interests and travel needs.

Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we will send you an introductory email with any additional questions and information to send payment via PayPal or Venmo. You will receive your completed itinerary within 3-4 weeks of payment. If you’re interested in our booking service, please send us an email for more details.

We aim to complete each itinerary 2-3 months before your trip so you have plenty of time to make decisions and bookings. If you find us closer to your departure day, no problem! For trips that begin in a month or less, we do charge a small rush fee.


Explorer Itinerary

With an Explorer’s Itinerary, you will receive (per day of travel):

  • 2-3 Accommodation options

  • 2-3 Food options

  • 2-3 Activity options

  • Location specific sustainable travel tips

  • Logistical information on traveling between destinations

  • Visa and vaccine info

  • Basic phrase guide

    **For bookings, scroll down to our “Add Ons” Section

Price Breakdown

1-15 days of travel: $25 per day of travel

16-31 days of travel: $22 per day of travel

32 days of travel and up: $18 per day of travel

Where in the World? Location Guide

$40 flat fee

Do you have some free time, some money saved, but no idea where to go? We will help you find your next perfect destination. In your location guide, you will receive an in depth summary of three locations in your budget that most closely match your interests. These summaries come jam packed with highlights, photos, and local insight, to give you a well rounded view of the potential adventures that await you in each place.

Once you choose your destination, if you come back to us for help planning your trip, you will receive 5% off your Explorer Itinerary.



Add Ons:

Packing Guide: $20

  • There’s nothing fun about over-packing and spending your trip lugging around all sorts of things you wish you left at home. Let our travel experts build your custom packing guide, so the lead up to your trip can be as stress free as the adventure. Each packing guide includes recommendations for travel gear that is eco-friendly and will cut down on space and weight in your bag.

Bookings: +$25 per day of travel

  • Normally, we do the research but you make the final decisions and book your choices. If you’d prefer to sit back, relax, and just show up, we can book your chosen accommodation, excursions and modes of travel for you for an additional fee.